Maharashtra & the struggle to preserve its heritage

Maharashtra is a land of paradoxes. Its heritage though extremely magnificent on papers is now nowhere to be seen in its complete glory. The forts and temples built by the ancient dynasties (Satvahana, Chalukya, Yadava etc) and later on by the Maratha empire were largely destroyed by Mughal and British east India company. Had the Marathas ever befriended the Mughals or East India company they wouldn’t have faced such wipe out situation ever. But Marathas were too proud to not be self destructive.

The knitting lady

A village nestled deep within the mountains Where the homes are made of stone walls and red roofs and lizards dwell in abundance… A village only accessible via a flight of stairs A climb down off the road which is steep and long enough To test your legs and lungs. In such a hamlet stays…

Travancore and Kochi – The treasury of God’s own country – Part 1

If I have to describe this part of Kerala in one word, it would be ‘RICH’. Blessed with an abundance of natural resources this is the land of the kings that ruled forever without losing their glory and gold. The richness in the architecture, art, food is so evident that we can only envy them. Kerala for some people is just natural beauty or backwaters. Only if they take interest in the history of this land and admire the tastefulness in every form of their art.. only then they will realize why they call it God’s own country!

एकटा जीव

Originally published on November 21, 2011   उरतात ते फक्त व्रण, आठवणी सार्‍या विरुन जातात व्रणांखाली लपलेल्या जखमा, अचानक भळभळू लागतात… अडवलेले हुंदकेही असेच आतल्या आत सलत राहतात लपवलेले अश्रू आणि वेदना हळूच डोळ्यांतनं झाकतात. लपवालपवीच्या खेळात कधी एक आठवण चकवून जाते सलते हुंदके आणि अडलेल्या अश्रूंना अलगद वाट करुन देते. उगीच मन लहान पोरागत…

रविवार आणि ती – १

दुसऱ्या दिवशी ती पुन्हा दिसली. त्याच जोमानं फेऱ्या मारताना. मला कौतुक वाटलं तिचं. ती तशी बारीकही नव्हती आणि जाडही. मध्यम बांध्याची मध्यम उंचीची, सावळी, केस अगदी मुलांसारखे कापलेले आणि लालसर रंगवलेले, नाकी डोळी रेखीव तरी डोळे जरा मोठेच वाटावे अशी ती समोरून येणाऱ्या प्रत्येकाला हसून अभिवादन करत होती.

Bombay – Mystical love -Part 2

Every new migrant that falls in love with the city is bound to fall in love with monsoons. Or one can say, because of the frenzy monsoons, people fall in love with this equally insane city.

The Walk

Today he decided to take a walk post lunch instead of a nap. He wasn’t pretty sure about his decision because it was so much unlike him. He loved naps. of course because of that he had put on considerably and ladies used to say ‘Aww’ looking at his cute and round face. But he…


अचानक कोणीतरी हाक मारल्याचा आभास झाला. तिने गर्रकन वळून पाहिले. भिरभिरत्या नजरेने तिने गर्दीतील चेहरे न्याहाळले. पण सारेच अनोळखी. भासच झाला असावा असे म्हणत ती परत लगबगीने चालू लागली… पण काही पावले पुढे गेल्यावर पुन्हा तेच. ह्यावेळी हाक मोठी होती. ती त्रासलेल्या नजरेने परत वळून पाहू लागली. तितक्यात तो आला…

Prosper through harmony

There is a phrase in Sanskrit as “Vasudhaiva Kutumbakam” which means the world (Vasudha = Earth) is one family (Kutumbam = Family). This is a very powerful phrase. It reminds us that we are all part of one family. We all are dependent on one another and we cannot prosper by supressing others in the…

Bombay – Mystical love -part 1

The more you observe the more you will see and the more intrigued you will be. The sheer variety and irrelevance of so many things at one place have a hypnotizing effect.