Indian weddings and me

Indian weddings can not be generalized. They are complicated in terms of rituals, formalities and expectations management. In fact, there is no such thing as an ‘Indian’ wedding. It is a Gujarati, Punjabi, Tamil, Maharashtrian etc kind of wedding. And every kind of wedding has it’s own charm.


A sudden chance to click at a family wedding followed by a close friend’s pre wedding photo shoot opened doors to a new world of photography for me. I had been quite a religious landscape and architecture photographer. But isn’t photography all about seeing things from a new perspective and trying something different? The best thing about weddings is that they provide an amazing platform to click and experiment.

Now, apart from this I have few more reasons to love the ‘Indian’ weddings:

  1. They are extremely colorful affairs. In most of the Indian cultures you would see heavy pinks, reds and golds. These colors emit positive vibes and give a sense of prosperity.
    Don’t feel weird if you start feeling happy at an Indian wedding for no reason.IMG_2426copy1
  2. The clothes! One cannot imagine what all the local designers do with the bridal sarees / Lehengas with intricate embroideries, embellishments and color combinations.  Same goes with the groom’s Sherwani or suit. Needless to say, everyone looks like royalty in these. IMG_0806 copy1
  3. The rituals are some serious affairs and might bore you till death. But some priests are really amazing and they keep you engaged by explaining why a certain ritual is important or was important in the past. It’s pretty interesting as it helps us connect to our roots.  A lot of candid shots come from rituals.
  4. Mehendi or Henna is an inevitable part of the Indian wedding. It is said to soothe the senses by absorbing body heat. Maybe that is why it became an integral part of Indian weddings to relieve some stress before the big day! The bridal Mehendi is very different and more intricate than others. It generally has some holy relics, elephants, horses, bride and groom faces and figures and traditional musical instruments. It needs some serious skills. IMG_2310copy

The increasing trend of pre wedding photo shoots is another interesting aspect. I got a chance to click professionally some lovely couples over the last few months and the experience has been great. There are no boundaries to experiment and what can be more satisfying than to make someone smile through your work! IMG_2133copyw

I am based in Mumbai and started my professional services in creative photography in October 2015. Contact me if you are interested and visit my facebook page to see more of my work here.


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