Wildlife and me

I grew up watching Discovery, National Geographic and Animal planet channels. I was a religious follower of the wildlife documentaries on these channels and wished to be an explorer myself someday. Of course, it was just a childhood fantasy. Nevertheless, India still has a lot of wildlife and some of the most enchanting jungles and gives enough of opportunity to see a very diverse and rich wildlife closely. I haven’t got a chance to explore much yet as the journey has just begun.

Here are some of my wildlife shots from visits to Ranthambhor, Gir, Mudumalai, Periyar national parks and some other random places. The joy of getting a good shot of a wild creature is indescribable and so is the pain of not spotting a tiger! Yep, I am yet to spot a tiger in all it’s glory! Till then, I will console myself by looking at the below pictures 🙂


Lions of Gir
Lions of Gir on a lazy evening

Jungle King
Lion of Gir, Gujarat

True Owl
If the forest guide had not spotted this, we would have never been able to see it. A true owl at Gir

rufous treepie
rufous treepie are total attention seekers. Clicked at Ranthambore

The lioness
Isn’t she lovely! A lioness at Gir

Spotted dear
Spotted dear in Gir National park

Female sambar deer
Female sambar deer, Ranthambore

Lovely morning at Ranthambore
A couple of sambar deers on a foggy winter morning in Ranthambore

gray langur
Gray langur, Ranthambore

A crane walks elegantly through a stream , Gir

A hawk meditating by the lake, Ranthambore

brown rock chat
Angry brown rock chat, Ranthambore

Cheetal and Peacock
Cheetal and peacock ignoring each other, Ranthambore

A crocodile meditating by the lake at Ranthambore

Monitor lizard
Totally camouflaged monitor lizard , Periyar

A herd of elephants
A baby elephant nagging his mom, Periyar


12 Comments Add yours

  1. These are amazing👌👌 such a varied collection you got there!!

    1. Madhura Doshi says:

      Thank you 🙂 Cheers!

  2. worldofsorts says:

    Had to stop by I’m planning on a few zoos this summer as well take some photos you got some good ones there

    1. Madhura Doshi says:

      Thank you! Summers in India are good for wildlife spotting 🙂

      1. worldofsorts says:

        In India wow …..

  3. Wonderful photos. Do you have to travel a lot to take all these photos!?

    1. Madhura Doshi says:

      Thank you for your comments! I have been traveling regularly since last 4-5 years. I do 2-3 long trips to various places every year with some weekend trips here and there. These wildlife photos did take a lot of patience and safaris in various jungles ! 🙂 so it might look like I travel plenty but in my heart I never feel that 😀 in fact I am yet to visit the major jungles in India.

      1. We watch nature videos every night. I watch how hard the photographers work. I admire their patience to bring us such wonderful documentaries! You photos are stunning. I appreciate your sharing!

    1. Madhura Doshi says:

      Thank you ☺️

  4. Shagun says:

    Such amazing pictures!

    1. Madhura Doshi says:

      Thank you 😊

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