About me

There are a lot of cons of being an introvert. But then there are pros that many people are unable to see or comprehend. Introverts are capable to visualize and build a universe around them where they are in control of almost everything. They dream a lot. They talk a lot. In their minds. They watch movies, read books and listen to as many genres of music as they can. They may look nerdy or finicky or arrogant when they talk. But they are not. They simply are reserved… bit high on defenses with a strong sense of self.

Being an introvert, I like to imagine being out of myself and see how others might see me. It is difficult to explain how many parallel worlds I run in my mind… how many wishes are born every day and how I fail to do almost everything that I plan for myself. I love myself. I hate myself.

_MG_0240 copy

Why the blog if I am an introvert?

It is not a satisfying experience to keep things to myself. This inability to talk is not necessarily an inability to express. In fact, I have too much to express…to share…to narrate. I guess it is better this way because I can talk uninterrupted. People have a bad habit to cut one short while talking. Why do I need to raise my voice to convey something?

Photography is something that drives me…motivates me to wake up early…to sit at one place and concentrate for hours. It is a huge deal for a lazy slug like me. I just fear sometimes that laziness doesn’t take over my senses and imagination.

I am actually so lazy that I couldn’t come up with any fancy name for my blog. That is something I regret. Well, not really.

Anyway. It’s all about me, my travel, my photography, my thoughts and a lot of other generic things not related to me but through my perspective. Well yeah, I can not subtract ‘me’ from anything eh!

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